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THINKWARE teams up with EchoMaster to supply a dash cam bundle for Ford’s Authorized Accessory

Thinkware, a global leader in dash cams, announced today that two of its dash cam models have been included as part of a bundle offered by EchoMaster and certified for global automaker Ford Motor Company’s authorized accessory program. These bundles are now available at Ford dealerships.   This is great news for Ford car buyers […]

What is “Understeer” and “Oversteer”?

You have almost certainly have experienced “understeer” and or “oversteer” at one point in your driving career with out even knowing it. We will explain to you the differences between understeer and oversteer and how you can prevent both. You have almost certainly have experienced “understeer” and or “oversteer” at one point in your driving […]

Capturing that special moment: Manual Recording Mode explained

When we drive, we fail to pay attention to the picturesque scenery. The world full of beauty and wonder, goes unnoticed by many drivers. Sometimes, extraordinary events do catch our eye. Yet when we do see something video worthy, it’s often too late to take out the camera. Dashboard cameras provide a partial solution to […]

Why Does Thinkware Use Both Adhesive Tape Mounts And Suction Cup Mounts?

Currently, 3M adhesive tape mounts are included with all Thinkware dash cams. Our decision to make 3M adhesive tape mounts that standard for dash cam mounts is easy to understand once its advantages are realized. 1.) Secure placement The purpose of a mount goes beyond attaching the dash cam to the windshield. Reliability is extremely important when it comes to secure placement […]