X1000 Firmware 1.01.02 Update Available Now!

The X1000 firmware 1.01.02 update is available now! What’s new to the update: Time-zone setting/Daylight Saving setting added (when GPS is connected, the time changes based on Time-zone & Daylight Saving settings) Speed unit setting added HDR auto setting (Day Time: HDR on/Nighttime: HDR off) added Also new firmware update for the following Thinkware Dash […]

For users with a FA200, F200, F800, or Motorsports M1:

Thinkware Cloud App is no longer compatible with FA200, F200, F800 and Motorsports M1.  The official app for FA200, F200, F800 and Motorsports M1 is the Thinkware Dash Cam Link. Please download and install the official Thinkware Dash Cam Link App on your mobile phone.  Before connecting your Thinkware Dash Cam to the new Thinkware […]

What Are Winter Tires And Do I Need Them?

Let’s talk stock tires When your car leaves the factory the wheels are most likely wrapped in a conservative all season tire. Manufacturer’s have made all season tires standard as they perform adequately in multiple weather conditions while not producing little road noise and great tread life.   All seasons tires performance lies between a summer […]

How to Connect to your Dash Cam via WiFi

Connecting to your Thinkware Dash Cam via WIFI allows you to view the Dash Cams Files, alter the Settings and see the Live View. Your smartphone will connect to the Dash Cams built-in WiFi Network to connect you to our Thinkware Cloud Application. The Thinkware Dash Cams with built-in WiFi are; U1000, Q800PRO, F800PRO, F800, […]

What Is Parking Mode?

A dash cam’s main purpose is to record incidents while driving. However, some dash cams have the ability to record while parked. This feature is commonly called parking mode. Dash cam parking mode is meant to record incidents such as door dings or when some one forgets to put their parking brake on and their […]

Why is an Energy Efficient Dash Cam Important?

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, you may find yourself driving less due to the widespread business closures or potential self-isolation.  Are you concerned about the protection of your vehicle during these difficult times?  Owning a Dash Cam with Energy Savings Parking Mode is especially helpful when driving less frequently.  Our Energy Savings Mode […]

Boxing Week Buyer’s Guide

A Dash Cam is a perfect present for any driver. Keep your loved ones protected while on the road with a Thinkware Dash Cam this holiday season! Many of our Dash Cam models and bundles are discounted online and in-stores. Our Boxing Week Sales are beginning Friday, December 20th up until Thursday, December 26th. Beat […]